Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Why join the SCC

The SCCFleet how it stands today was reborn on 1/01/11 while playing  Star Trek online. We were all in a fleet called Starfleet central command. under the leader ship of one Fleet Admin. After two months of not hearing form our leader the Staff members packed their bags and reformed the new fleet.

Over the past year the Fleet Staff have pushed to become a well known fleet that is driven to have fun and enjoy our game time but remembering that “real life” comes first.

We have a small active members list with players from England , Wales, Netherlands, Germany and the U.S.A. (most time zones) we spend anything form an hour to all night in game, some people play every night and other will be in game once a month, we believe that everybody is welcome in the SCCFleet no matter how long you are online.

As well as being active gamers most of us are also sci-fi fans too and we have a interest in other games like Star Trek infinite space and Star Wars The Old Republic. Both games are set to bring a lot of new things to the table so we have decide to branch out in those  games.  As they are launched we will have more information but keep a eye on this site for how to join the in game Guild for each one.

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What's in it for me?

The SCCFleet have put together a great package. It's free to all fleet members. So if you like what you see register up now by using the "Sign Up Now" tag at the top of site.

Standard With Any Fleet

Show the world what you have been doing in the games. We offer each member their own space to upload their images to show off to your friends and other fleet members
You will have full access to our fleet forums which give you a space to talk to your fleet mates, you will also get access to a Two weekly memo
For each game we have a reviewer that will give you the gamers opinion of either new content, new in game items / micro transactions so you can see if it is worth spending your hard earned money

Extras Only With SCCFleet

TS3 Server:
Our own ts3 (team speak 3) server that fleet members can login to and chat with other members, at present we have about 6 different rooms with more available as and when needed
Live Stream:
We have our own Juistin.Tv channel, this means we can stream music for fleet events for example the “SCCFleet BIG NIGHT IN” … we will also be able to live stream events in the game and give live how to’s...
SCCFleet Mobile App:
This is for iOS and Android (not soong type) have the SCCFleet on your phone, keep up to date with all our fleet events and game news. Also our website is fully mobile browser compatible
Branded Images:
Wallpapers , logos and forum banners- an exclusive collection of images created just for the SCCFleet
Fleet Lockers:
In each game we will ensure that the feet banks are well stocked with the best items we can get, to ensure that you get the best possible experience from your time with the SCC. We actively support the SCCFleet crafter’s and will offer no charge for creating items