Thursday, January 23, 2020
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The Caitians...

The Caitians... They make nice ground fighters for melee and jump 75% higher than usual... but are they worth the 100 points in the c-store or should you wait for a few months when they are Part of the DOFF rewards?

Caitian traits:
Feline Instincts (+10 Perception, +10% Exploit Damage, +75% Jump
Pounce (Close and Attack)
Superior Aggression (Increases Damage and Threat Generation)
Superior Sure Footed (30% Knock back and 60% Root Resist)

You have got a good level of options in the pack and can even choose the tail type and whisker size. I believe if you have a extra slot in your boff selection you could do a lot worse than have one of theses guys. The only down side is that they scratch the captains chair when you are not looking. they come as male or female and sci, tac and eng (you get to pick)

Caitian are a Federation races so will not be available for KDF.

Value for money

I have given two stars as you will be able to receive a Caitian as part of the Doff rewards for about August onwards and they cost 100 points Each time you want one... so if you have three toons and want one for each it will cost you 300 points...

style / looks

I have given 4 stars, I like the options and the colours and the fact you can choose what you wanted a male sci caittian.

Over all I have given three stars, this is a good boff but if you can wait till doffs you could get this for free.